Discover how to identify luxury towels

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Towels are some of the most versatile items that we have in our households. We use them to dry our bodies after a shower or a swim. We also use them to wipe tabletops, counter-tops and the occasional spill as well. To get the best results, it is advisable to invest in luxury towels. Manufactured by brands such as Christy’s from England, luxury towels are very absorbent. They are also soft yet durable. How can you identify a luxury towel today? Here are some characteristics of this type of towels.

Features of luxury towels

They often have a strong brand name
Luxury towels are made with a specific type of clientèle in mind. They are made for those who prefer the finer things in life. In most cases, these are the wealthy and royalty. As such, luxury towel brands often have a long history of having worked with these members of society. This results in a strong brand name. An example of such is Christy. The brand has been operational ever since 1850 and has served the British royal family with luxury towels UK for centuries. Therefore, a strong brand name is one of the features of a luxury towel.

High fabric weight
Luxury towels are categorized according to their Grams per Meter Squared (GSM) number. This is the fabric weight per unit area. This weight is a result of the fabric’s density. High GSM towels are denser than those with a low GSM. Hence, they are more absorbent. Luxury towels are designed to be as absorbent as possible. Therefore, they have a high GSM which makes them heavy, thick and highly effective.

High quality cotton fabric
To achieve a high GSM and remain as soft as down, luxury towels are made out of specific types of cotton. Regular towels are made of standard cotton. However, luxury towels are made of high quality Egyptian cotton. This variety is considered to be the best in the world. The cotton has long, fibrous threads. When used to make a towel, it achieves more loops per inch to dry out moisture on demand. As such, Egyptian cotton is expensive and only used to make luxury towels. Those provided to the wealthy or royalty are made exclusively out of this material. However, the U.S.A. is growing its own equivalent of the Egyptian cotton and they are calling it pima cotton.

The soft feel and superb effectiveness of luxury towels is undeniable. If you want the best towel experience possible, this is the type to search for. The characteristics of such towels are indicated above.