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Glass mirrors have a long history. From snow white’s evil queen to this day, glass mirrors have had an importance, attraction, purpose and need for people. However, with the advent of bespoke mirrors, a better alternative to glass mirrors has started to emerge. Bespoke mirrors serve the purpose quite well and they also go beyond that and achieve greater objectives too. Below we discuss some fo the reasons why bespoke mirrors are better than glass mirrors.

Cost Less

First of all, in modern economy, every decision is based on costs primarily. Bespoke mirrors cost lesser than glass mirrors, which makes them an economical choice. In this way, one can buy a finely shaped and extraordinary looking bespoke mirror at a much cheaper price compared to what a glass mirror of similar standard would have cost.


Moving on, it also goes without saying that bespoke is much strong and does not break as easily as the glass mirror does. Therefore, buying a bespoke mirror also means that you are buying a product that would last longer, has a lower risk of breaking and can be polished and cleaned easily too. Bespoke mirrors are multiple times stronger than the glass mirrors and therefore, are a preferred option of many households.


Furthermore, the greater objective of making mirrors with bespoke is to add safety factor. People with kids in their houses often worry that a kids might end up breaking a mirror and with that might also hurt themselves. Children’s small and innocent minds cannot comprehend the dangers and risks of playing with glass and glass mirrors. Therefore, it is always a blessing in disguise if such sensitive and much needed items could be made with material that is stronger and safer to be fooled around with. Therefore, without any doubt, bespoke mirrors become a much safer and securer alternative to glass mirrors.

Better Shapes and Sizes

Similarly, molding glass into different shapes and sizes is often very difficult and therefore, either it ends up costing too much or sometimes companies just do not bother getting creative with the glass mirrors. However, with the bespoke mirrors, at very low costs one can manage to get creative and mold the mirror into attractive, desirable and beautiful looking shapes and designs. With such creative designs, mirrors become a very useful thing in house decoration items. In simple mirror on the wall in living room seems a little awkward, however, if one can afford to make it in accordance with the living room’s theme then it all becomes pretty cool. And this is what bespoke mirrors are there for.

A smart Choice

In a nutshell, buying and preferring bespoke mirrors is not only better than putting your money in glass mirrors, but it is also a very smart choice. Smart people make smart choices. Therefore, if you are one of those smart people, be careful when you are buying mirrors, you might want to look at bespoke mirrors because they will win your hearts and minds in no time.

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